You can use filters to limit the display and to search for files.

  1. To apply filters to the directory usage report, click the Filters drop-down menu near the top of the page and select one of the following preconfigured filters:
    • Large Files
    • Large Directories
    • By Specific Owner
    • By Specific Group
    • Old Files
    • Old Directories
    • Files with Low Replication
    • Overpopulated Directories
    • Directories with Quotas
    • Directories Watched
  2. To modify any of these filters, click the Customize link and select new criteria. Click Clear to revert to the preconfigured criteria for the filter.
  3. Click the Search button to display the report with the filters applied.
  4. You can also select Custom from the Filters drop-down menu to create a report in which you define the criteria. To create a custom report:
    1. Select any of the following criteria from the drop-down menu on the left:
      • Filename
      • Owner
      • Group
      • Path
      • Last Modified
      • Size
      • Diskspace Quota
      • Namespace Quota
      • Last Access
      • File and Directory Count
      • Replication
      • Parent
      • Raw Size
      • Size With Snapshot
      • Total Size
    2. Select an operator from the drop-down menu.
    3. Enter a value and units of measure for the comparison.
    4. Select the units of measure for the comparison from the drop-down menu. (Some criteria do not require units of measure.)
    5. Click the icon to add additional criteria.
    6. Click the Search button to display the directory usage report with the custom filter applied.

      The report changes to display the result of applying the filter. A new column, Parent is added that contains the full path to each file or subdirectory.