Log Details

The Log Details page presents a portion of the full log, showing the selected message (highlighted), and messages before and after it in the log.

The Log Details page shows you:

  • The host
  • The role
  • The full path and name of the log file you are viewing.
  • Messages before and after the one you selected.

The log displays the following information for each message:

  • Time - the time the entry was logged
  • Log Level - the severity of the entry
  • Source - the source class that logged the entry
  • Log Message

You can switch to display only messages or all columns using the buttons.

In addition, from the Log Details page you can:

  • View the log entries in either expanded or contracted form using the buttons to the left of the date range at the top of the log.
  • Download the full log using the Download Full Log button at the top right of the page.
  • View log details for a different host or for a different role on the current host, by clicking the Change... link next to the host or role at the top of the page. In either case this shows a pop-up where you can select the role or host you want to see.