Log support in Cloudera Manager for ECS cluster

You can manage your ECS cluster with additional log information that is provided as part of the Cloudera Manager support bundle.

Specific logs are captured when you install Embedded Container Service (ECS) on your Private Cloud Base cluster. Data that is captured include the ECS installation logs, RKE specifics pertaining to the ECS cluster, and Longhorn support bundle. For more information, see

How to generate a Longhorn Support Bundle

  1. Login to the Cloudera Manager UI > Click Support > Send Diagnostic Data.
  2. Select the radio button - Collect Diagnostic Data Only and click Collect Diagnostic Data.
  3. Click the Download button when finished and expand the .zip file.

ECS installation logs

The ECS installation log details can be located under the folder named process-stdout-stderr/ which includes the stdout.log and /stderr.logstdout.log and /stderr.log files related to the ECS installation process. The included files follow the following pattern:

  • *-docker-*
  • *-ecs-*

RKE specific logs

RKE information pertaining to the ECS cluster is located in the rke-logs-(clusterName).tgz file. This file can be used to debug reported issues with the ECS cluster. Expanding rke-logs-(clusterName).tgz file results in a directory called "rke-logs-[your clustername].

Under the expanded directory is a file named {hostName}-{date}.tar.gz, general details about RKE logs are available.

Specific information related to other embedded entities within the {hostName}-{date}.tgz directories are detailed in the table and they are available under the rk2/ path.

Entity Contains

Pod Logs (Under podlogs/)


kube-system, kube-public, cattle-system, cattle-alerting, cattle-logging, cattle-pipeline ingress-nginx cattle-prometheus, istio-system, longhorn-system, cattle-global-data, fleet-system, fleet-default, rancher-operator-system, cattle-monitoring-system, cattle-logging-system, cdp, and vault-system

Kubectl (under kubectl/)

List of nodes, pods, services, node descriptions, and version details.

Certificates (under certs/)

Agent and Server certificates.

Directories (under directories/)

  • RKE2 agent directory
  • RKE2 server manifest directory
  • RKE2 server TLS directory

Crictl (under crictl/)

Multiple crictl command outputs

Within the longhorn-logs-{hostName}.gz file, the Longhorn log information is available. Expand the longhorn-logs-{hostName}.gz file.

Under the expanded directory, two new directories are available.

Specifically contains logs that contain files related to pod logs for all the workloads.

YAML - Files for Longhorn and Kubernetes