Editing, Deleting, Suppressing, or Deleting a Trigger

  1. Go to the service, role, role configuration group, or host configuration page where the trigger was created. (For example: select Clusters > HDFS.)
  2. In the Health Tests section, click the trigger name. (You may need to click a Show ... link to expand the list of triggers.)

    A page displays showing the query and chart for the trigger. Click Show Filtered Streams to see all streams. Click Hide Filtered Streams to hide streams that do not meet the stream threshold.

  3. Click the Actions drop-down menu and select one of the following actions:
    • Edit Trigger

      A page opens where you can edit the query. Click Save Trigger to save your changes.

    • Disable Trigger or Enable Trigger
    • Suppress Trigger or Unsuppress Trigger
    • Delete Trigger