Manually Triggering Collection and Transfer of Diagnostic Data to Cloudera

To troubleshoot specific problems, or to re-send an automatic bundle that failed to send, you can manually send diagnostic data to Cloudera. Perform the following steps on the Cloudera Manager UI.

  1. Log in to the Cloudera Manager Admin Console.
  2. You can perform either of the following steps to navigate to Send Diagnostic Data:
    • Go to Clusters and then select Send Diagnostic Data.
    • Go to Support and then select Send Diagnostic Data.
  3. Optional: Change the System Identifier property.
  4. Optional: Under the Other category, set the System Identifier property and click Save Changes.
  5. Optional: Fill in or change the information here as appropriate:
    • Optionally, you can improve performance by reducing the size of the data bundle that is sent. Click Restrict log and metrics collection to expand this section of the form. The three filters, Host, Service, and Role Type, allow you to restrict the data that will be sent. Cloudera Manager will only collect logs and metrics for roles that match all three filters.
    • Select one of the following under Data Selection:
      • Select By Target Size to manually set the maximum size of the bundle. Cloudera Manager populates the End Time based on the setting of the Time Range selector. You should change this to be a few minutes after you observed the problem or condition that you are trying to capture. The time range is based on the timezone of the host where Cloudera Manager Server is running.
      • Select By Date Range to manually set the Start Time and End Time to collect the diagnostic data. Click the Estimate button to calculate the size of the bundle based on the start and end times. If the bundle is too large, narrow the selection using the start and end times or by selecting additional filters.
    • If you have a support ticket open with Cloudera Support, include the support ticket number in the field provided.
  6. Depending on whether you have disabled automatic sending of data, do one of the following:
    • Click Collect and Upload Diagnostic Data to Cloudera Support. A Running Commands window shows you the progress of the data collection steps. When these steps are complete, the collected data is sent to Cloudera.
    • Click Collect Diagnostic Data only. A Command Details window shows you the progress of the data collection steps.
      1. In the Command Details window, click Download Result Data to download and save a zip file of the information.
      2. Send the data to Cloudera Support by doing one of the following:
        • Send the bundle using a Python script:
          1. Download the phone_home script.
          2. Copy the script and the downloaded data file to a host that has Internet access.
          3. Run the following command on that host:
            python --file downloaded data file
        • Attach the bundle to the SFDC case. Do not rename the bundle as this can cause a delay in processing the bundle.
        • Contact Cloudera Support and arrange to send the data file.