Results Tab

Queries appear on the Results tab, with the most recent at the top. Each query has summary and detail information.

A query summary includes the following default attributes: start and end timestamps, statement, duration, rows produced, user, coordinator, database, and query type. For example:

You can add additional attributes to the summary by clicking the Attribute Selector. In each query summary, the query statement is truncated if it is too long to display. To display the entire statement, click . The query entry expands to display the entire query string. To collapse the query display, click . To display information about query attributes and possible values, hover over a field in a query. For example:

A running job displays a progress bar under the starting timestamp:

If an error occurred while processing the query, displays under the complete timestamp.
Use the Actions drop-down menu to the right of each query listing to do the following. (Not all options display, depending on the type of job.)
  • Query Details – Opens a details page for the job.
  • User's Impala Queries – Displays a list of queries run by the user for the current job.
  • Cancel (running queries only) – Cancel a running query (administrators only). Canceling a running query creates an audit event. When you cancel a query, replaces the progress bar.
  • Queries in the same YARN pool – Displays queries that use the same resource pool.