Running the Host Inspector

You can run the host inspector to inspect all hosts and display a list of validations and their results.

  1. Click Hosts > All Hosts.
  2. Click the Inspect All Hosts button. Cloudera Manager begins several tasks to inspect the managed hosts.
  3. After the inspection completes, click Download Result Data or Show Inspector Results to review the results.
    The results of the inspection displays a list of all the validations and their results, and a summary of all the components installed on your managed hosts.

    If the validation process finds problems, the Validations section will indicate the problem. In some cases the message may indicate actions you can take to resolve the problem. If an issue exists on multiple hosts, you may be able to view the list of occurrences by clicking a small triangle that appears at the end of the message.

    The Version Summary section shows all the components that are available from Cloudera, their versions (if known) and the Cloudera Runtime distribution to which they belong.