Searching Within the File System

When you search within the file system, you can select from custom search criteria such as filename, owner, file size, and more.

To search the file system, click Custom report in the Reports section. The file and directory listings are taken from the fsimage stored on the NameNode, so the listings will be only as current as the last checkpoint. Typically the checkpoint interval is (by default) once per hour, but if checkpoints are not being performed as frequently, the listings may not be up to date.

To search the file system:

  1. From the HDFS service page, select the File Browser tab.
  2. Click Choose and do one of the following:
    • Select a predefined query. Depending on what you select, you may be presented with different fields to fill in or different views of the file system. For example, selecting Size will provide a choice of arithmetic operators and fields where you provide the size to be used as the search criteria.
      1. Select a property in the Choose... drop-down.
      2. Select an operator.
      3. Specify a value.
      4. Click to add another criteria (all of which must be satisfied for a file to be considered a match) and repeat the preceding steps.
  3. Click the Generate Report button to generate a custom report containing the search results.

If you search within a directory, only files within that directory will be found. For example, if you browse /user and do a search, you might find /user/foo/file, but you will not find /bar/baz.