Suppressing Health Test Results

Cloudera Manager displays warnings when health tests indicate a problem in the cluster. Sometimes these warnings are expected or do not indicate a real problem in your deployment. You can suppress display of these warnings in Cloudera Manager.

Minimum Required Role: Configurator (also provided by Cluster Administrator, Limited Cluster Administrator , and Full Administrator)

You can suppress health test warnings as they appear or before any tests run. Suppressed health tests are hidden in Cloudera Manager and their status does not affect the roll-up of health tests that display for a service, host, or role instance. Suppressed health test warnings remain available in Cloudera Manager, and the tests continue to run but the results are hidden. You can unsuppress a suppressed health test at any time.

On pages where you have suppressed validations, you will see a link that says Show # Suppressed Test. On this screen, you can:
  • Click the Show # Suppressed Test link to view all suppressed health tests for the page.
  • Click the Unsuppress... link to unsuppress the health test.
  • Click Hide Suppressed Tests to re-hide the suppressed tests.