Creating a Trigger for Memory Capacity

A common use case is to monitor memory usage, and trigger a warning if your system is approaching its upper limit.
To create a memory usage trigger:
  1. In Cloudera Manager, go to the Hosts page.
  2. Click a link in the Name column to open a host status page.
  3. In the Health Tests section, click Create Trigger.
  4. On the New Trigger page, enter the name Resident Memory In Use.
  5. In Expression, set these metric conditions:
    1. Scalar Function: Min.
    2. Metric: mem_rss.
    3. Comparator: > (greater than).
    4. Scalar Value: 1.75GB. (This is a low value for demonstration purposes, so that it will trigger the action. In practice, use a value that more accurately reflects the memory limits of your cluster.)
  6. Set Action to Mark as bad.
    As you work, the Preview shows the resulting chart and current status of your host.

  7. Scroll down and choose whether to apply this trigger to All hosts.
  8. Click Create Trigger.