tsquery Language

The tsquery language is used to specify statements for retrieving time-series data from the Cloudera Manager time-series datastore.

Below are some common queries using the tsquery language:
  • Retrieve time series for all metrics for all DataNodes:
    select * where roleType=DATANODE
  • Retrieve cpu_user_rate metric time series for all DataNodes:
    select cpu_user_rate where roleType=DATANODE
  • Retrieve the jvm_heap_used_mb metric time series divided by 1024 and the jvm_heap_committed metric time series divided by 1024 for all roles running on the host named "my host":
    select jvm_heap_used_mb/1024, jvm_heap_committed_mb/1024 where category=ROLE and hostname="my host"
  • Retrieve the jvm_total_threads and jvm_blocked_threads metric time series for all entities for which Cloudera Manager collects these two metrics:
    select jvm_total_threads,jvm_blocked_threads 


A collection is a type of data. The field can take the value: