Viewing Events

The Events page lets you display events and alerts that have occurred within a time range you select anywhere in your clusters. From the Events page you can filter for events for services or role instances, hosts, users, commands, and much more. You can also search against the content information returned by the event.

  • To view events, click the Diagnostics tab on the top navigation bar, then select Events.

    Event entries are ordered (within the time range you've selected) with the most recent at the top. If the event generated an alert, that is indicated by a red alert icon () in the entry.

    This page supports infinite scrolling: you can scroll to the end of the displayed results and the page will fetch more results and add them to the end of the list automatically.

  • To display event details, click Expand at the right side of the event entry.
    Clicking the View link at the far right of the entry has different results depending on the category of the entry:
    • ACTIVITY_EVENT - Displays the activity Details page.
    • AUDIT_EVENT - If the event was a restart, displays the service's Commands page. If the event was a configuration change, the Revision Details dialog box displays.
    • HBASE - Displays a health report or log details.
    • HEALTH_CHECK - Displays the status page of the role instance.
    • LOG_MESSAGE - Displays the event's log entry. You can also click Expand to display details of the entry, then click the URL link. When you perform one of these actions the time range in the Time Line is shifted to the time the event occurred.
    • SYSTEM - Displays the Parcels page.