Viewing Service Instance Details

You can view service instance details such as the name of the role instance, the host on which it is running, the rack assignment, and more.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the Home > Status tab, if the cluster is displayed in full form, click ServiceName in a ClusterName table.
    • In the Home > Status tab, click ClusterName and then click ServiceName.
    • Select Clusters > ClusterName > ServiceName.
  2. Click the Instances tab on the service's navigation bar. This shows all instances of all role types configured for the selected service.
The Instances page displays the results of the configuration validation checks it performs for all the role instances for this service.

The information on this page shows:

  • The name of the role instance. Click the name to view the role status for that role.
  • The host on which it is running. Click the hostname to view the host status details for the host.
  • The rack assignment.
  • The status. A single value summarizing the state and health of the role instance.
  • Whether the role is currently in maintenance mode. If the role has been set into maintenance mode explicitly, you will see the following icon (). If it is in effective maintenance mode due to the service or its host having been set into maintenance mode, the icon will be this ().
  • Whether the role is currently decommissioned.
You can sort or filter the Instances list by criteria in any of the displayed columns. To filter, type a property value in the Search box or select the value from the facets at the left of the page.