Viewing the Jobs in a Pig, Oozie, or Hive Activity

The Activity Children tab shows the same information as does the Activities tab, except that it shows only jobs that are children of a selected Pig, Hive or Oozie activity. In addition, from this tab you can view the details of the Pig, Hive or Oozie activity as a whole, and compare it to similar activities.

  1. Click the Activities tab.
  2. Click the Pig, Hive or Oozie activity you want to inspect. This presents a list of the jobs that make up the Pig, Hive or Oozie activity.
    The functions under the Children tab are the same as those seen under the Activities tab. You can filter the job list, show and hide columns in the job list, show and hide charts and plot job statistics on those charts.

    Click an individual job to view Task information and other information for that child. See the topic Viewing and Filtering MapReduce Activities for details of how the functions on this page work.

    In addition, viewing a Pig, Hive or Oozie activity provides the following tabs:

    • The Details tab shows Activity details in a report form.
    • The Compare tab compares this activity to other similar activity. The main difference between this and a comparison for a single MapReduce activity is that the comparison is done looking at other activities of the same type (Pig, Hive or Oozie) but does include the child jobs of the activity. See the topic Comparing Similar Activities for an explanation of that tab.