Creating a trace user in unsecure Accumulo deployment

After you add an unsecure Accumulo on CDP service, you have to ensure that the trace user exists. This step is only required if you have an unsecure Accumulo deployment.

This step is not required if you have a secure Accumulo deployment, because in that case the trace user is automatically created when the Accumulo on CDP service is added to the cluster.

  • Install the Accumulo CSD file.
  • Install CDP and add the HDFS and ZooKeeper services to your deployment.
  • Install the Accumulo parcel.
  • Add an unsecure Accumulo on CDP to your deployment.

Ensure that you have added an unsecure Accumulo service to your cluster.

  1. Launch the Accumulo shell for the admin user.
    $ accumulo shell -u root
    Password: ******
    Shell - Apache Accumulo Interactive Shell
    - version: [***ACCUMULO VERSION NUMBER***]
    - instance name: [***ACCUMULO INSTANCE NAME***]
    - instance id: [***ACCUMULO INSTANCE ID***]
    - type 'help' for a list of available commands
  2. List the existing users and check if trace user exists: users
    If the trace user exists, you can continue your Accumulo installation.
  3. If the trace user does not exist, create it with the following command: createuser trace
Ensure that the trace table exists.