Node maintenance

You must provide the value for the hdds.scm.replication.maintenance.remaining.redundancy parameter to put the cluster’s nodes under maintenance.

The hdds.scm.replication.maintenance.remaining.redundancy parameter defines the number of redundant containers in a group which must be available for a node to enter maintenance.

If you are putting a node into maintenance mode and reduces the redundancy below the value defined, the node will remain in the ENTERING_MAINTENANCE state until a new replica is created.
Parameter Default value Description
hdds.scm.replication.maintenance.remaining.redundancy Empty The value is taken from the Ozone default configuration.
1 The EC container has at least dataNum + 1 online allowing the loss of 1 more replica before data becomes unavailable.
hdds.scm.replication.maintenance.replica.minimum 2 This is for Ratis containers only.