Decommissioning SCM

Learn how to decommission Storage Container Manager (SCM).

To decommission SCM, perform the following steps.

  1. Log in to Cloudera Manager.
  2. Navigate to Clusters.
  3. Select the Ozone service.
  4. Click Instances.
  5. Click Storage Container Manager (node that has to be decommissioned).
  6. Click Actions.
  7. Click Stop this Storage Container Manager.

  8. Click Actions.
  9. Click Decommission this Storage Container Manager.

  10. After the SCM is decommissioned, you must delete the SCM.
    1. Navigate to Clusters.
    2. Select the Ozone service.
    3. Click Instances.
    4. Click Select the Storage Container Manager that is decommissioned.
    5. Click Actions for Selected.
    6. Click Delete.