Managing Ozone quota

The Ozone shell is the primary command line interface for managing the quota of volumes and buckets. Understand what Ozone quotas are, how to define and manage Storage space level and Namespace quota, and the commands available to you that will hel you to manage volumes and buckets.

Apache Ozone provides a resource management feature enabling you to define and manage quota for using space and namespace at volume and bucket levels. Resource usages for space and namespace are captured by default for volumes and buckets. This feature allows you to:

  • Define the space quota of the volume and bucket (storage space of volume and bucket).
  • Define the namespace quota of the volume (the number of buckets in the volume).
  • Define namespace quota for the bucket (number of files or keys or directories recursively in the bucket).

For more information about the various Ozone command-line tools and the Ozone shell, see