Recommissioning an Ozone DataNode

You can add an Ozone DataNode that is already decommissioned or in offline mode back to the cluster using Cloudera Manager.

After decommissioning and deleting a DataNode instance, if you try adding the DataNode instance to the same host as before, Cloudera Manager considers the newly added DataNode instance as Commissioned. However, the Storage Container Manager recognizes the DataNode ID and treats the newly added DataNode as Decommissioned. To address this discrepancy, you must recommission the DataNode.
  1. In Cloudera Manager, go to the Ozone service.
  2. Click Instances.
  3. Select the DataNode instances that you want to recommission.
  4. Select Actions for Selected>Recommission and Start.
  5. Click Recommission and Start to confirm.
    The selected DataNodes rejoin the cluster and Instances page shows the Commissioned State of the DataNodes as Commissioned.