Pipelines page

The Pipelines page displays information about active pipelines including their IDs, the corresponding replication factors and the associated DataNodes. The page does not display any inactive pipelines.

An active pipeline is one that continues to participate in the replication process. In contrast, an inactive pipeline contains DataNodes that are dead or inaccessible, leading to the removal of its metadata from the Recon database, and eventually the destruction of the pipeline itself.

The page displays Pipeline information in a tabular format. The following columns provide the required information:
  • Pipeline ID(s): The ID of a particular pipeline.
  • Replication Type & Factor: The type of replication and the corresponding replication factor associated with a particular pipeline. The replication types are Standalone and Ratis. Accordingly, the default replication factor is three for Ratis and one for Standalone.
  • Status: Specifies whether the particular pipeline is open or closed.
  • DataNodes: The DataNodes that are a part of the particular pipeline.
  • Leader: The DataNode that is elected as the Ratis leader for the write operations associated with the particular pipeline.
  • Lifetime: The period of time for which the particular pipeline is open.
  • Last Leader Election: The timestamp of the last election of the leader DataNode associated with this pipeline.
  • No. of Elections: The number of times the DataNodes associated with the pipeline have elected a leader.