Choosing an appropriate value for the threshold:

To select an appropriate threshold value based on your cluster utilization, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to Cloudera Manager UI
  2. Navigate to Clusters
  3. Select the Ozone service
  4. Open Recon Web UI
  5. Go to the Overview page. The Overview page displays the cluster's current used space and total capacity. The cluster utilization is displayed as a percentage value.
  6. Click Datanodes on the left navigation pane. The utilization value of each Datanode is displayed in the Storage Capacity column.
  7. Determine an appropriate threshold value using your cluster’s utilization and the utilization of the Datanodes.
    For example, if your cluster utilization is at 70%, some over-utilized Datanodes have utilizations around 95%, and other Datanodes are around 60%, then you can set the threshold value to 1%.
  8. Set the threshold value in Cloudera Manager. For more information, see Configuring container balancer service.