Setting up ofs

Select the Ozone bucket to configure ofs.

  1. Select the Ozone bucket on which you want ofs to reside.
    If you do not have a designated volume or bucket for ofs, create them using the required commands:
    ozone sh volume create /volume
    ozone sh bucket create /volume/bucket
  2. The ofs file system implementation classpath is added to CDP services by default. But if an application is unable to instantiate the ofs file system class, add the ozone-filesystem-hadoop3.jar to the classpath.
    export HADOOP_CLASSPATH=/opt/ozone/share/ozonefs/lib/hadoop-ozone-filesystem-hadoop3-*.jar:$HADOOP_CLASSPATH
  3. After setting up ofs, you can run HDFS dfs CLI commands such as the following on Ozone FS: (Assuming Ozone Service ID is “omservice1”)
    hdfs dfs -ls ofs://omservice1/volume/bucket and hdfs dfs -mkdir ofs://omservice1/volume/bucket/users
    Now, applications such as Hive and Spark can run on this file system after some basic configuration changes.