Cluster and hardware configuration in snapshot deployment

Learn about CPU, memory, and storage requirements for the snapshot feature.

Snapshot feature places additional demands on the cluster in terms of CPU, memory, and storage. Cluster nodes running Ozone Managers (OM) and Ozone DataNodes (OD) should be configured with extra storage capacity depending on the number of active snapshots that you want to keep. Ozone snapshots consume incremental amount of space per snapshot. For example, if the active object store contains 100 GB data (before replication) and a snapshot is taken, then the 100 GB of space is locked in that snapshot. If the active object store consumes another 10 GB of space (before replication) subsequently, then the overall space requirement is 100 GB + 10 GB = 110 GB in total (before replication). This is because common keys between Ozone snapshots and the active object store share the storage space.

Similarly, nodes running OM should be configured with extra memory depending on how many snapshots are concurrently read from. This also depends on how many concurrent SnapshotDiff jobs are expected in the cluster. By default, an OM allows 10 concurrent SnapshotDiff jobs at a time, which can be increased in configurations.