Configure Phoenix-Hive connector using Cloudera Manager

You must configure Phoenix-Hive connector before you can access Phoenix data from Hive.

Ensure that you have the phoenix-hive-version.jar. You can find this JAR file in the /opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH/lib/phoenix_connectors/ path on the Apache Phoenix node, or you can download it from the Cloudera respository. If you use Hive-Tez, you must configure both the Hive and Hive-Tez services.

To configure the Phoenix-Hive connector using Cloudera Manager:
  1. Go to the Hive service.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Select Scope > Hive Cluster (Service-Wide).
  4. Select Category > Advanced.
  5. Locate the Hive Auxiliary JARs Directory property or search for it by typing its name in the Search box.
  6. Add the following auxiliary path directory: /usr/local/phoenix-hive

    Ensur that you have the required permissions the access and write to the phoenix-hive directory and the JAR file that you copy into it must be accessible by hive:hive user.

  7. Enter a Reason for change, and then click Save Changes to commit the changes.
  8. Restart the role and service when Cloudera Manager prompts you to restart.

If you have installed Hive-Tez, repeat the configuration steps for Hive-Tez as well.