Set Up a Streaming Cluster

After completing the Add Cluster - Installation wizard, the Add Cluster - Configuration wizard automatically starts. Here you will select the streaming services, specify the host to run each service on, test the connection to the database, and run the command to set up your cluster.

  • You have installed Cloudera Manager.
  • You have installed Cloudera Runtime.
  1. Verify you are on the Add Cluster - Configuration page of the Cloudera Manager UI.
    The list of steps on the left let you know where you are in the workflow.
  2. Verify that you are on the Select Services section.
  3. Select the Custom Services option.
    A list of services appear.
  4. Scroll through the list and select the following services:
    • Cruise Control
    • Kafka
    • Schema Registry
    • Streams Messaging Manager
    • ZooKeeper
  5. Click Continue.
    The Assign Roles section appears with suggested role assignments for the hosts in your cluster.
  6. In the Kafka Broker field, click Select hosts.
  7. Select all hosts for Kafka Broker and click OK.
  8. Assign Cruise Control, Schema Registry, and SMM to separate hosts.
  9. Assign ZooKeeper to all hosts.
    ZooKeeper must be on an odd number of hosts.
  10. Click View By Host to see the host and role pairing.
    The View By Host window appears.
  11. Verify that the services are on the right hosts and click Close to close the View By Host window.
  12. Back on the Assign Roles section, click Continue.
    The Setup Database section appears with pre-populated database names and passwords.
  13. Click Test Connection to validate the settings.
  14. After verifying that each connection is successful, click Continue.
    The Review Changes section appears with default and suggested settings for several configuration parameters, including data directories.
  15. Find the Cloudera Manager Service Monitor Host field for SMM.
  16. Enter the name of the Service Monitor host.
  17. Click Continue.
    The Command Details section appears with the details of the First Run command.
  18. After the First Run Command completes, click Continue.
    The Summary section appears with a success or failure report of the setup wizard.
  19. Click Finish to complete the cluster setup.
    Cloudera recommends that you change the default password as soon as possible by clicking the logged-in username at the top right of the home screen and clicking Change Password.
Perform simple streams-related tasks on your cluster to evaluate streaming services on CDP Private Cloud Base.