Create a Streams Cluster on CDP Private Cloud Base

Cloudera's streaming components empower enterprises to handle some of the most complex and sophisticated streaming use cases. You can evaluate the streaming components in CDP Private Cloud Base for up to 60 days. This document walks you through the process of installing the trial software and creating a streams cluster for your proof-of-concept (POC) or sandbox environment. After you evaluate CDP Private Cloud Base, you can contact Cloudera to request a license for your production environment.

The CDP Private Cloud Base streaming components provide advanced messaging, real-time processing, and analytics on real-time streaming data. The components are:
  • Cruise Control
  • Apache Kafka
  • Schema Registry
  • Streams Messaging Manager (SMM)
  • Streams Replication Manager

This document guides you through the steps to create a three-node cluster with all the streaming components with the exception of Streams Replication Manager which you do not need for a trial evaluation. You will need Streams Replication Manager for production-level performance and availability.

The following diagram shows the layout of the streaming components across the three-node cluster: