API Compatibility changes in 7.1.9 for Oozie

Removed or Modified APIs in CDP 7.1.9 for Oozie and recommendations for how to handle them.

Apache Base Version of Oozie in 7.1.8 was 5.1.0 and Apache Base Version of Oozie in 7.1.9 is 5.1.0. The Cloudera version 7.1.9 has additional improvements over the Apache Base version.

Modified APIs in 7.1.9

The following APIs have been modified for Oozie and include a description of the impact of the modifiaction on their use.


Abstract method String[] getCallbackUrls(String) has been added to this interface.

Package Name
Recompilation of a client program may be terminated with the message: a client class C is not abstract and does not override abstract method getCallbackUrls(String) in org.apache.oozie.action.ActionExecutor.Context.
Reason for change
Ability for Oozie to not rely on its LoadBalancer internally
Use the same implementation as ActionExecutorContext or return a single url wrapped into an array.
Recompilation Required?