Fixed Issues in Apache Kafka

Review the list of Kafka issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.9.

CDPD-29307: Kafka producer entity stays in incomplete state in Atlas
The Kafka-Atlas plugin now fully creates producer and consumer entities and does not generate incomplete ones.
CDPD-48822: AvroConverter ignores default values when converting from Avro to Connect schema
The AvroConverter now propagates field default values to Connect schemas.
CDPD-53179: Amazon S3 Sink connector fails when buffer size is reached
The Amazon S3 Sink connector no longer fails when there is more than 5 MB (buffer size) of data available in a Kafka source topic and the connector receives more than 5 MB of data in a single poll.
CDPD-45958: Kafka client JAAS override policy validation is incorrect
The JAAS override filter policy now correctly filters based on the specified rules and does not refuse JAAS configurations because of unknown fields.
CDPD-44252: Exception during normal operation in MirrorSourceTask causes the task to fail instead of shutting down gracefully
Stopping the read of offsets in a worker of a MirrorSourceTask will now cause a graceful shutdown and the task can be restarted automatically at a later point.
OPSAPS-64606: Authorization issues if Kafka Connect is not installed
If the Kafka Connect role is not present on the cluster, then a Ranger policy (connect internal - topic) is created with default, non-empty topic names. As a result, the Ranger policy include list cannot be empty and will not have any side effects on other Kafka operations.
OPSAPS-68138: Schema Registry and Kafka cannot download policies from Ranger when using custom Kerberos principals
Ranger repositories created by the scripts that start Kafka, Kafka Connect, and Schema Registry add both the principal name and the service user name to the repository users and the policies.
CFM-2966: Stateless NiFi connectors do not work with Java Runtime Environment 9 or later
Stateless NiFi connectors can now be deployed if you are using Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 9 or later.

Apache patch information

  • KAFKA-14838