Fixed Issues in Apache Kudu

Review the list of Kudu issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.9.

SubprocessProtocol has a hard-coded limit on message size, but RangerClient does not honor that while generating requests
This issue is fixed (KUDU-3450).
CDPD-59278: Subprocess communication with large messages
Supports messages of size up to 8MB by default to be transmitted between Kudu master and subprocess server. Given the maximum pipe buffer size is 1MB in linux machines flaky failures are observed if the size of the message is more than 1MB between Kudu master and the subprocess server (KUDU-3489).
OPSAPS-64525: Kudu can't connect to Ranger KMS with AutoTLS
If Auto-TLS is enabled on the system, now kudu can use the Auto-TLS certificate to connect to other services. Right now this is only helpful when ‘Encrypt data at rest’ is enabled so that kudu can connect to Ranger KMS successfully.
CDPD-47068: Update default value for --tablet_history_max_age_sec to avoid OOM for kudu-master
Fixed an issue with kudu-master process consuming too much memory in case of very large clusters, clusters with many thousands of tables, or clusters with huge number of DDL operations per day.
CDPD-54929: Kudu - Support for JDK17 in all sub-components
Ran all C++ tests with JDK17 successfully. Built and ran java-example code with JDK17 successfully to test the Java client.
CDPD-36485: Update replica placement algorithm in kudu-master to avoid range hotspotting
Kudu's default replica placement algorithm is now range and table aware to prevent hotspotting unlike the old power of two choices algorithm. New replicas from the same range are spread evenly across available tablet servers, the table the range belongs to is used as a tiebreaker.

Apache patch information

  • KUDU-1945
  • KUDU-3248
  • KUDU-3326
  • KUDU-3406
  • KUDU-3413
  • KUDU-3418
  • KUDU-3437
  • KUDU-3448
  • KUDU-3450
  • KUDU-3451
  • KUDU-3452
  • KUDU-3455
  • KUDU-3472
  • KUDU-3474
  • KUDU-3475
  • KUDU-3476
  • KUDU-3479