Fixed issues in Apache Ozone

Review the list of Ozone issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.9.

SSL Handshake fails between Ozone DataNodes if the two DataNode has their certificate signed by different Ozone Storage Container Managers.
The issue was fixed due to a change on how these TrustStores are created and configured in Ozone after CDP 7.1.9.
CDPD-57853: Quota repair count enable quota feature for old bucket/volume.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-49027: Ozone PKI improvements (Cert Rotation, primordial node removal)
Starting from the CDP 7.1.9 release, the certificates that are there to ensure encrypted communication and authentication between the Ozone internal services are renewed automatically for Ozone Manager, Ozone DataNode, and Ozone Recon Server roles.
The renewal of these certificates by default happens automatically; 28 days before the one year lifetime of these certificates are expiring, without the need of any operator intervention or service disruption.
Storage Container Managers hold a certificate that expires after 5 years from the security bootstrap of the clusters, these certificates still need to be renewed manually after they expire.
OPSAPS-67940: Snapshot list/restore page
Snapshot listing page on the OZONE service details where you can see the snapshots of a bucket and delete them or restore them.
OPSAPS-64733: Adding Hive with Ozone warehouse directory fails
The Hive warehouse directory and external warehouse directory can be set to Ozone during the first Hive run, as the Ozone filesystem jar is available for the script (it is there in the /opt/cloudera/cm/lib/cdh7 path)
OPSAPS-65213: Recommission fails with CSD based services that have decommission support on a host that is in maintenance mode
In Maintenance host with a commissioned Ozone DataNode or Kafka Broker could not end maintenance, as the command failed at recommissioning either of these nodes.
OPSAPS-64666: Remove duplicated log directory parameter from Ozone service
After this change in 7.1.9 or later, only the log.dir log directory property will be used for all the logging related files in every Ozone role. For Ozone Prometheus this property was added and will be used.
OPSAPS-57567: Add rolling restart capability to Ozone Cloudera Manager Service
Ozone roles can be restarted in rolling fashion from Cloudera Manager.
OPSAPS-59614: Support SSD profile for Ozone rocksdb
Support SSD profile for Ozone rocksdb
OPSAPS-63868: Unable to change Spark log location to Ozone
The Spark History Location and the Driver Log Location now can be set to an Ozone path, the regex comparison will not fail.
OPSAPS-57827: Implement Ozone OM and SCM upgrade Needs Finalization canary
If any Ozone Manager or Storage Container Manager has not been finalized after upgrade, its canary indicator will turn yellow.

Apache patch information

  • HDDS-8312
  • HDDS-7220
  • HDDS-9087