Fixed Issues in Schema Registry

Review the list of Schema Registry issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.9.

OPSAPS-66356: Schema Registry's integration with Atlas does not work in secure clusters where Ranger authorization is enabled
Atlas integration with Schema Registry works out of the box on new clusters.
CDPD-54379: KafkaJsonSerializer and KafkaJsonDeserializer do not allow null values
The KafkaJsonSerializer and KafkaJsonDeserializer now properly translates null payloads as null.
CDPD-49217 and CDPD-50309: Schema Registry caches user group membership indefinitely
Kerberos users and user groups are not cached in Schema Registry anymore. Any changes to user and user group authentication will take effect without restarting the Schema Registry service.
CDPD-56890: New schemas cannot be created following an upgrade
Schemas can be created again after an upgrade even if the latest version of the schema was deleted before the upgrade.
CDPD-48568: JAR storage does not work on AWS S3 for Schema Registry
Schema Registry Amazon S3 JAR storage now functions correctly.
CDPD-48822: AvroConverter ignores default values when converting from Avro to Connect schema
The AvroConverter now propagates field default values to Connect schemas.
CDPD-48888: Schema Registry generates redundant schemas when byte[] with default field exists
Schema Registry's schema normalization and fingerprinting mechanism has been enhanced to properly handle default values for bytes data types.
CDPD-20977: Add RAW Avro JSON Schema API for Hive Integration
Added new endpoints where the client can GET the actual schema text as a JSON document. These endpoints were added as a subresource (.../schemaText) to the existing schema version resource endpoints, corresponding to the schemaText property of those, for example, /api/v1/schemaregistry/schemas/{name}/versions/latest/schemaText.
CDPD-58265: Schema Registry Client incorrectly applies SSL configuration
The Cloudera distributed Schema Registry Java client applies the SSL configurations correctly even with concurrent access in Jersey clients.
CDPD-49470: Schema Registry Client retries requests more than the configured maxAttempts when multiple URLs are used
The Cloudera distributed Schema Registry Java client handles each request as one attempt, and does not attempt more retries based on the number of Schema Registry server URLs anymore.
OPSAPS-68139: Schema Registry does not apply cluster wide Kerberos principal mapping by default
The Schema Registry Kerberos Name Rules property is now empty by default. Schema Registry now automatically applies the cluster-wide auth-to-local (ATL) rules by default. During an upgrade, the previously configured value is preserved. If you have been using the default or a custom value, you must manually clear the property following an upgrade to transition to the new default value.
OPSAPS-68171: Schema Registry does not set Knox principal and service user as trusted proxies when using custom Kerberos principals
Schema Registry now automatically sets both the Knox principal name and service user name as trusted proxy users.
OPSAPS-68138: Schema Registry and Kafka cannot download policies from Ranger when using custom Kerberos principals
Ranger repositories created by the scripts that start Kafka, Kafka Connect, and Schema Registry add both the principal name and the service user name to the repository users and the policies.
CDPD-55381: Schema Registry issues authentication cookie for the authorized user, not for the authenticated one
Schema Registry authentication cookie contains the correct authenticated user, even if the authenticated and the authorized users are different. Authenticated and authorized users can be different in scenarios where Schema Registry is used behind Knox.
CDPD-48853: Schemas created with the Confluent Schema Registry API cannot be viewed in the UI
Schemas created in Cloudera Schema Registry using the Confluent Schema Registry API are now visible in the Cloudera Schema Registry UI.

In addition, the /api/v1/schemaregistry/search/schemas/aggregated endpoint of the Cloudera Schema Registry API now correctly returns schemas created with the Confluent Schema Registry API.