Fixed Issues in Streams Messaging Manager

Review the list of Streams Messaging Manager (SMM) issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.9.

OPSAPS-68158: SMM does not apply cluster wide Kerberos principal mapping by default
The Kerberos Name Rules property is now empty by default. SMM now automatically applies the cluster-wide auth-to-local (ATL) rules by default. During an upgrade, the previously configured value is preserved. If you have been using the default or a custom value, you must manually clear the property following an upgrade to transition to the new default value.
OPSAPS-68172: SMM does not set Knox principal and service user as trusted proxies when using custom Kerberos principals
SMM now automatically sets both the Knox principal name and service user name as trusted proxy users.
OPSAPS-67575: SMM's Schema Registry client might fail Ranger authorization if mTLS is enabled for Schema Registry
The Schema Registry client used by SMM no longer includes keystore properties for mTLS when Kerberos is enabled. As a result, even if mTLS is enabled for the Schema Registry server, the Kerberos principal is used for authentication and authorization with Ranger. This fixes possible authorization failures.
OPSAPS-68107: Response code 500 error when large-payload requests are sent over Knox
SMM requests that are over 15 KB in size no longer fail when they are sent using the Knox APIs. This fix applies to both SMM UI and SMM REST API requests.
CDPD-46728: SMM UI shows the consumerGroup instead of the instances on the Profile page's right hand side
The Consumer Group Profile page now correctly shows the consumer instances on the right hand side. Previously the consumer groups were shown.
CDPD-46465: Searching for workers on the connector overview page freezes the page
Using the search field on the Connect > Cluster Profile tab no longer freezes the page.
CDPD-45406: The Connector Profile page of unassigned connectors is blank
The Connector Profile page of unassigned connectors are now correctly rendered and display that the connector is in an unassigned status.
CDPD-46073: Data Explorer loads indefinitely
The Data Explorer page no longer breaks if the partition parameter is manually removed from the URL.
CDPD-49227: The Cluster Replications page crashes if the co-located cluster unknown to SRM
The Cluster Replications page is now correctly displayed even when the co-located Kafka cluster is unknown to SRM.
CDPD-56086: The Data Explorer modal displays the messages of the wrong topic
The Data Explorer modal that you open by clicking on the Topics page now displays the messages of the selected topic.
CDPD-49696: Certain alerts may crash the Alerts page
Composite alerts with one of the conditions containing an assertion on cluster metrics no longer crashes the UI.
CDPD-54703: Topic Details page does not display the lag of the consumer group
The Topic Details page no longer incorrectly displays 0 as lag for the consumer groups.
CDPD-33699: Remove "adjustTopicOverviewMetrics" from SMM
Removed the logic introduced in 7.1.4/, where in case the topicMetrics (bytes in/bytes out/messages in) are smaller for a larger time period, the smaller timeperiod's metrics will be displayed. For example, if the metrics are smaller for 30 days and then for 7 days, the 7 day metrics would be used.
CDPD-43387: Broker Details page does not show the Cloudera Manager button
The Cloudera Manager buttons that navigate to the broker resource within Cloudera Manager were not visible in previous releases. Now you can navigate from the SMM's broker view to the Cloudera Manager's broker view.
CDPD-43962: Performance improvement on the Broker Details page
The /api/v2/admin/metrics/aggregated/brokers/{brokerId} endpoint, called every time while opening the broker details page on the UI, was excessively slow when a large number of topics and partitions were present. This is now fixed by fetching partition metrics in bulk.
CDPD-47836: The FROM OFFSET field of the offset slider in Data Explorer does not update on partition change
Fixed an issue where the Data Explorer's FROM OFFSET field was not updating on partition change.