Known issues in 7.1.9 CHF 1

You must be aware of the known issues and limitations, the areas of impact, and workaround in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.9 CHF 1.

CDPD-60839: KnoxShell clientside does not work with JDK17 due to incompatible groovy dependency.
The Knox service is working, however, KnoxShell is broken.
If you are using Knoxshell client, you must not upgrade to 7.1.9 CHF1.
CDPD-60817: IMPALA-12409: Allowing EXTERNAL Iceberg tables to point to another Iceberg table in the Hive catalog displays an error.
You must not allow the following: CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE ice_ext STORED BY ICEBERG TBLPROPERTIES ('iceberg.table_identifier'='db.tbl');
If you are using external table with Iceberg, then you cannot upgrade to 7.1.9 CHF1 as new external table creation will not work on CHF1 or the existing external tables will stop working.
CDPD-61524: Ozone Storage Container Manager fails to start on upgrading from CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.6 to 7.1.9 CHF1. Also, if you have upgraded from CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.6 to 7.1.7 or 7.1.8 and then to 7.1.9, the upgrade fails.
None. Cloudera recommends you to reach out to the Support before performing the upgrade to CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.9.
CDPD-62254: Ozone is not supported on SLES15 with CHF1.
If your cluster has Ozone, Cloudera recommends you to not upgrade to 7.1.9 CHF1.
QAINFRA-18371: Conflict while installing libmysqlclient-devel on SLES 15
You may see an error such as the following while installing the mysql-devel and libmysqlclient-devel packages for setting up MariaDB as a backend database on SLES 15: File /usr/bin/mariadb_config from install of MariaDB-devel-<version>.x86_64 conflicts with file from install of libmariadb-devel-3.1.21-150000.3.33.3.x86_64 (SLES Module Server Applications Updates)
While installing the mysql-devel and libmysqlclient-devel packages on SLES15, use the --replacefiles zypper switch or manually enter yes on the interactive pop-up that you see when the files are being overwritten.
CDPD-62464: Java process called by tool fails on JDK-8 version
While running script on OracleJDK 8 an error message is thrown and returns code 0 on an unsuccessful run.
You must install JDK-11 version on the host. Make sure not to put into the default path and JAVA_HOME. In a shell, set the JAVA_HOME to this location and run the script.
CDPD-62834: Status of the deleted table is seen as ACTIVE in Atlas after the completion of navigator2atlas migration process
The status of the deleted table displays as ACTIVE.
CDPD-62837: During the navigator2atlas process, the hive_storagedesc is incomplete in Atlas
For the hive_storagedesc entity, some of the attributes are not getting populated.
CDPD-62935: If you are using the Knox Port Mapping feature, CDP Private Cloud Runtime 7.1.9 GA is not compatible with Cloudera Manager
If you use Knox Port Mapping feature and want to upgrade Cloudera Manager to 7.11.3 CHF 1, then you must upgrade CDP Runtime to CDP 7.1.9 CHF 1.