Configuring the balancer threshold

Learn how to configure the Balancer Threshold property, before using HDFS Balancer feature.

The Balancer has a default threshold of 10%, which ensures that disk usage on each DataNode differs from the overall usage in the cluster by no more than 10%. For example, if overall usage across all the DataNodes in the cluster is 40% of the cluster's total disk-storage capacity, the script ensures that DataNode disk usage is between 30% and 50% of the DataNode disk-storage capacity. To change the threshold, perform the following steps:

  1. Got to the HDFS service in Cloudera Manager.
  2. Select the Configuration tab.
  3. Select Scope > Balancer.
  4. Select Category > Main.
  5. Set the Rebalancing Threshold property.
    To apply this configuration property to other role groups as needed, edit the value for the appropriate role group. For more information, see Modifying Configuration Properties Using Cloudera Manager.
  6. Enter a reason for change, and then click Save Changes.