Using the NFS Gateway for accessing HDFS

Available in a CDP Private Cloud Base deployment, the NFS Gateway for HDFS allows clients to mount HDFS and interact with it through NFS, as if it were part of their local file system. The Gateway supports NFSv3.

After mounting HDFS, a client user can perform the following tasks:

  • Browse the HDFS file system through their local file system on NFSv3 client-compatible operating systems.
  • Upload and download files between the HDFS file system and their local file system.
  • Stream data directly to HDFS through the mount point. File append is supported, but random write is not supported.

Prerequisites for using NFS Gateway

  • The NFS Gateway machine must be running all components that are necessary for running an HDFS client, such as a Hadoop core JAR file and a HADOOP_CONF directory.
  • The NFS Gateway can be installed on any DataNode, NameNode, or CDP client machine. Start the NFS server on that machine.