Registering a Lily HBase Indexer Configuration with the Lily HBase Indexer Service

When the content of the Lily HBase Indexer configuration XML file is satisfactory, register it with the Lily HBase Indexer Service. Register the Lily HBase Indexer configuration file by uploading the Lily HBase Indexer configuration XML file to ZooKeeper. For example:

  1. If your cluster has security enabled, create a Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) configuration file named jaas.conf in your home directory with the following contents:
    Client { required

    Replace jdoe@EXAMPLE.COM with your user principal. Your user account must have WRITE permission to create an indexer. For more information, see Configuring Lily HBase Indexer Security.

  2. If your cluster has security enabled, authenticate with the user principal specified in your jaas.conf file:
    kinit jdoe@EXAMPLE.COM
  3. Run the following command to add the JAAS configuration to the system properties:
  4. Run the following command to register your indexer configuration file with the indexer service:
    hbase-indexer add-indexer \
    --name myIndexer \
    --indexer-conf $HOME/morphline-hbase-mapper.xml \
    --connection-param,, \
    --connection-param solr.collection=hbase_collection \
  5. Verify that the indexer was successfully created as follows:
    hbase-indexer list-indexers -zookeeper,,
    Number of indexes: 1
      + Lifecycle state: ACTIVE
      + Incremental indexing state: SUBSCRIBE_AND_CONSUME
      + Batch indexing state: INACTIVE
      + SEP subscription ID: Indexer_myIndexer
      + SEP subscription timestamp: 2013-06-12T11:23:35.635-07:00
      + Connection type: solr
      + Connection params:
        + solr.collection = hbase-collection1
        + solr.zk = localhost/solr
      + Indexer config:
          110 bytes, use -dump to see content
      + Batch index config:
      + Default batch index config:
      + Processes
        + 1 running processes
        + 0 failed processes

    Use the update-indexer and delete-indexer command-line options of the hbase-indexer utility to manipulate existing Lily HBase Indexers.

    For more help, use the following commands:

    hbase-indexer add-indexer --help
    hbase-indexer list-indexers --help
    hbase-indexer update-indexer --help
    hbase-indexer delete-indexer --help

    Morphline configuration files can be changed without re-creating the indexer itself, but you must restart the Lily HBase Indexer service for the changes to take effect.