Using the indexer HTTP interface

Lily HBase Indexer includes an HTTP interface for the list-indexers, create-indexer, update-indexer, and delete-indexer commands.

This interface can be secured with Kerberos for authentication and Apache Ranger for authorization. For information on configuring security for the Lily HBase Indexer service, see Configuring Lily HBase Indexer Security.

By default, the hbase-indexer command line client does not use the HTTP interface. Use the HTTP interface to take advantage of the features it provides, such as Kerberos authentication and Ranger integration. The hbase-indexer command supports two additional parameters to the list-indexers, create-indexer, delete-indexer, and update-indexer commands:

  • --http: An HTTP URI for the HTTP interface. By default, this URI is of the form If this parameter is specified, the Lily HBase Indexer uses the HTTP API. If this parameter is not specified, the indexer communicates directly with ZooKeeper.
  • --jaas: Specifies a Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) configuration file. This is only necessary for Kerberos-enabled deployments.

For example:

hbase-indexer list-indexers --http \
--jaas $HOME/jaas.conf --zookeeper,,