Configure authentication using an external program

How to configure authentication using an external program in Cloudera Manager.

Cloudera Manager can use a custom external authentication program. Typically, this may be a custom script that interacts with a custom authentication service. Cloudera Manager will call the external program with the username as the first command line argument. The password is passed over stdin. Each positive value exit code can be mapped to Cloudera Manager user roles. A negative value is returned for failure to authenticate. Valid values for the exit code are between 0 and 127.
  1. Log in to Cloudera Manager Admin Console.
  2. Select Administration > Settings
  3. Select External Authentication for the Category filter to display the settings.
  4. For External Authentication Type, select External Program.
  5. Provide a path to the external program in the External Authentication Program Path property.

After you configure authentication for Cloudera Manager, configure authorization for the authenticated users. This is done by mapping the authenticated users to Cloudera Manager user roles.