Configuring custom Kerberos principal for Hue

The Kerberos principal for Hue is configured by default to use the same service principal as the default process user. However, you can change the default setting by providing a custom principal in Cloudera Manager.

Currently the Service Monitor role relies on using the same principal name as the Hue service to carry out some health checks on clusters: When changing the Hue principal, you should also update the Service Monitor configuration to use the same principal name. In addition, when Ozone is present, some Ranger policies need to be updated in the Ranger UI: S3_VOLUME_POLICY_FOR_OZONE_CANARY, S3_BUCKET_POLICY_FOR_OZONE_CANARY, S3_KEY_POLICY_FOR_OZONE_CANARY.

  1. Log in to Cloudera Manager as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Clusters > Hue service > Configuration and search for "Kerberos".
  3. Enter the custom Kerberos principal in the Kerberos Principal field.
    This Kerberos principal short name is used by all roles associated with this service.
  4. Click Save Changes and restart the Hue service.