Initializing Standalone Key Trustee Server Using Cloudera Manager

How to initialize your standalone Key Trustee Server using Cloudera Manager.

For new installations, use the Set up HDFS Data At Rest Encryption wizard and follow the instructions in Enabling HDFS Encryption Using the Wizard. When prompted, deselect the Enable High Availability option to proceed in standalone mode.

For parcel-based Key Trustee Server releases 5.8 and higher, Cloudera Manager automatically backs up Key Trustee Server (using the script) after adding the Key Trustee Server service. It also schedules automatic backups using cron. For package-based installations, you must manually back up Key Trustee Server and configure a cron job.

Cloudera Manager configures cron to run the backup script hourly. The latest 10 backups are retained in /var/lib/keytrustee in cleartext. For information about using the backup script and configuring the cron job (including how to encrypt backups), see Backing up Key Trustee Server and clients.