Setting up GCP Cloud HSM for KTS and Key HSM

How to integrate Ranger KMS and KTS with with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) HSM service.

This task describes how to set up the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) hardware security moudule (HSM) service provided by Google. The process inlcudes setting up the GCP HSM service on a client (host), setting up KeyHSM and using the GCP HSM to validate keys.

You must:
  • Log in to the Google cloud console using your accout. (Requires Google account access).
  • Have Ranger Key Management System, Key Trustee Server and Key HSM installed in your environment.
  • Have Java (jdk1.8.0.232) installed.

See related topics for more information about installing Ranger KMS, KTS and KeyHSM.

Set Up Google Cloud HSM

  1. Login to Google Cloud console using Cloudera account.
  2. Create a generic service account by selecting or creating the Project.
  3. Create the key for that generic service account you created in the previous step.
  4. Download and save your generic service account key in JSON format.
  5. In GCP Console > Key Management create the key ring.
    Figure 1. Creating a key ring in Google Cloud Platform
    Creating a key ring in Google Cloud Platform
    This example shows a project gcp-eng-sdx-daily, service account keyhsm, and key ring KeyHSMRing.
Integrate GCP with KeyHSM
  1. In your Key HSM root directory, copy the autthentication key (json file) you created in the setup process, and provided the appropriate access.
    # rpm -ivh keytrustee-keyhsm-*.rpm
    cd /usr/share/keytrustee-server-keyhsm/
    chown keyhsm:keytrustee <key.filename>.json                
  2. Set up the GCP HSM.
    keyhsm setup googlecloudhsm          
    # Google App Credential File<authentication file>.json 
    # Google HSM Project Id<project ID> 
    # Google HSM Location Id<location ID>
  3. Validate the Key HSM service.
    $ service keyhsm validate
    Check Key HSM is stopped             :[Successful]
    Configuration Available              :[Successful]
    Port available        :[Successful]
    Unlimited-Strength JCE               :[Successful]
    Validate cipher list                 :[Successful]
    HSM availability                     :[Successful]
    All services available:              :[Successful]                         
  4. Start the Key HSM service.
    $ service keyhsm start 
  5. Configure KTS to trust the Key HSM server.
    $ ktadmin keyhsm --server http://$(hostname -f):<port configured in setup> --trust
    $ktadmin keyhsm --server --trust
  6. Restart Key HSM.
    $ service keyhsm restart 
  7. Restart the KTS from Cloudera Manager UI.
  8. Test the HSM.
    curl -k https://$(hostname -f):11371/test_hsm                
  9. Login to the Ranger UI using keyadmin user role for creating an encryption zone key.

Keys will be created in the Key ring on GCP.

Further keys for zone operation can be created using Ranger UI with keyadmin role credentials and also using hadoop commands.