Configuring resource-based services

The Service Manager displays the Resource Policies > Resourcepage when you log in to the Ranger Admin Web UI. You can also access this page by selecting Service Manager > Resource Policies, or by clicking the Ranger icon at the upper left of the Ranger Admin Web UI. You can use Resource to add, edit or delete services for Hadoop resources (HDFS, HBase, HadoopSQL, etc.) and add access policies for those resources.

  • To add a new resource-based service, click Add () in the applicable box on Service Manager. Enter the required configuration settings, then click Add.

  • To edit a resource-based service, click Edit () at the right of the service. Edit the service settings, then click Save to save your changes.

  • To delete a resource-based service, click Delete () at the right of the service. Deleting a service also deletes all of the policies for that service.

Shows Ranger > Service Manager, Add Service, Delete Service, and Edit Service icons labelled.