Using session cookies to validate Ranger policies

Apache Ranger REST Client uses cookie sessions to download policies, tags and roles from Ranger Admin.

In earlier versions, each Ranger plugin used a kerberos login to request a ticket granting ticket (TGT) from the KDC/AD server in order to download policies, tags and roles. This casued high traffiic levels when mulitple Ranger plugins requested downloads.

Ranger Admin now supports cookie-based sessions. The flag used to enable cookie sessions, ranger.plugin.<service-name>, where <service-name> is the name of the service for which a Ranger plugin is eanbled, such as hive, solr, or kafka, is set to "enabled" by default.

To check whether the cookie session is used, open the Ranger Admin access.log in the /var/log/ranger/admin folder. Any policy, tag, or role download call to Ranger Admin displays either a 200 or 304 value as response status. A 401 value for response status indicates the call to the KDC server for a TGT for autherntication at service start or when the session cookie expires.