Enabling Kerberos Authentication for the KMS

You can use Cloudera Manager to enable Kerberos authentication for the KMS.

Minimum Required Role: Full Administrator
  1. Open the Cloudera Manager Admin Console and go to the KMS service.
  2. Click Configuration.
  3. Set the Authentication Type property to kerberos.
  4. Click Save Changes.
  5. Because Cloudera Manager does not automatically create the principal and keytab file for the KMS, you must run the Generate Credentials command manually.
    On the top navigation bar, go to Administration > Security > Kerberos Credentialsand click Generate Missing Credentials
  6. Return to the home page by clicking the Cloudera Manager logo.
  7. Click the icon that is next to any stale services to invoke the cluster restart wizard.
  8. Click Restart Stale Services.
  9. Click Restart Now.
  10. Click Finish.