How to full sync the Ranger RMS database

You must perform a full-sync of the Ranger RMS database after upgrading RMS to v7.1.8 or above.

Performing a full-sync in Ranger RMS truncates all the existing data from RMS tables in the Ranger database. The sync process initiates a fresh synchronization from the Hive Metastore (HMS). All available tables and database metadata download from HMS and persist into the Ranger database.

Prior to CDP-7.1.7, Ranger RMS synchronizes only table metadata. Database metadata mappings were not downloaded from HMS. After migrating from CDP versions before CDP-7.1.7 to CDP 7.1.8+, only pre-existing table mappings will be available. Any newly created tables or database mappings will be synchronized in RMS. Any pre-existing database mappings will not be present.

Have a (7.1.8) cluster with Ranger and Ranger RMS service up and running.

  1. In Cloudera Manager > Ranger_RMS > Actions, click Stop.
  2. In Ranger_RMS > Actions, click Ranger RMS Database Full Sync.
  3. Confirm that the command completed successfully, as shown in the following example:
    Figure 1. Confirming successful Ranger RMS database full sync
    Confirming successful Ranger RMS database full sync
  4. In Cloudera Manager > Ranger_RMS, click Start.