Adding a new schema

Learn how to add a new schema to Schema Registry through the Schema Registry UI.

A schema is a collection of information that describes your data. The metadata of the schema includes group, version, and description. To add a new schema to Schema Registry, provide information about the schema, select a compatibility policy, and upload the schema text from a file.

Ensure that you understand compatibility policies. Once selected, you cannot change the compatibility policy for a schema.

  1. From the Schema Registry UI, click the + icon.
    The Add New Schema dialog appears.

  2. Add the schema metadata as follows:
    • Name

      A unique name for each schema. It is used as a key to look up schemas.

    • Description

      A short description of the schema.

    • Schema Type

      The schema format. Select one of the following formats:
      • Avro schema provider
      • JSON schema provider
    • Schema Group

      Allows you to group schemas in any logical order.

    • Compatibility

      This option appears only when the Avro schema provider option is selected. Sets the compatibility policy for the schema. Once set, this cannot be changed. Select one of the following options:
      • Backward
      • Forward
      • Both
      • None

      For more information about compatibility, see Compatibility Policies.

    • Schema Text
  3. To allow schema to evolve over time by creating multiple versions, select the Evolve checkbox.
  4. Click Choose File to upload a new schema.