Import External Packages

Use the following steps to import external packages into Apache Zeppelin.

To use an external package within a Zeppelin note, you can use one of the following approaches:

  • Specify the dependency for the associated interpreter on the Interpreter page.

    For more information, see the Dependency Management for Interpreter documentation at

  • For Spark jobs, you can pass a jar, package, or list of files to spark-submit using SPARK_SUBMIT_OPTIONS; for example:


      export SPARKSUBMITOPTIONS="--packages com.databricks:spark-csv_2.10:1.2.0 --jars /path/mylib1.jar,/path/mylib2.jar --files /path/,/path/,/path/mylib3.egg"
    • In SPARK_HOME/conf/spark-defaults.conf

      spark.jars /path/mylib1.jar,/path/mylib2.jar spark.jars.packages com.databricks:spark-csv_2.10:1.2.0 spark.files /path/,/path/mylib2.egg,/path/

If you want to import a library for a note that uses the Livy interpreter, see "Using the %livy Interpreter to Access Spark" in the HDP Apache Spark guide.