Configuring YARN for managing Docker containers

Use Cloudera Manager to configure YARN for managing Docker containers.

  • Install Docker binary to all hosts.
  • If cgroups are enabled, use the cgroupsfs cgroupsdriver for cgroups support.
  • Ensure that all host has running docker daemon
  1. In Cloudera Manager, select the YARN service.
  2. Select the Configuration tab.
  3. Find the Always Use Linux Container Executor property and select it. That enables the YARN service to use the Linux Container Executor.
  4. Search for Allowed Linux Runtimes and add docker to the list.
  5. Find the Enable Docker Containers property and select the role configuration groups on which you want to enable Docker containers.
  6. If you installed the Docker binaries to a different folder than the default, set the Docker Binary Path property to the applicable folder.
  7. Optional: Use the other properties under the Docker on YARN filter to fine-grain the configuration. For more information, see Docker on YARN configuration properties.
  8. Click Save Changes.