Step 2: Worker host planning

Allocate resources on each worker machine,

Start with at least 8 GB for your operating system, and 1 GB for Cloudera Manager. If services outside of Cloudera Runtime require additional resources, add those numbers under Other Services.

The HDFS DataNode uses a minimum of 1 core and about 1 GB of memory. The same requirements apply to the YARN NodeManager.

The spreadsheet lists several optional services:
  • Impala daemon requires at least 16 GB for the daemon.
  • HBase Region Servers requires 12-16 GB of memory.
  • Solr server requires a minimum of 1 GB of memory.
  • Kudu Tablet server requires a minimum of 1 GB of memory.

Any remaining resources are available for YARN applications (Spark and MapReduce). In this example, 44 CPU cores are available. Set the multiplier for vcores you want on each physical core to calculate the total available vcores.