YARN Ranger authorization support

The YARN Ranger authorization support feature enables each Data Hub cluster’s YARN cluster to have a dedicated Ranger YARN repository. As a result admins can set different YARN policies for different Data Hub clusters.

The YARN Ranger authorization support feature enables admins to create separate YARN queues for users sharing the same cluster and to control who can submit jobs to each queue, and who can see or kill jobs within the queue. In addition, users without admin privileges can only see their own jobs in a given queue.

This feature is enabled by default in a new Data Hub cluster installation. Cloudera Manager automatically creates a Ranger YARN repository for each cluster.

The YARN Ranger authozitation support is not enabled by default after migrating to CDP Public Cloud 7.2.10 or higher. That means no YARN Ranger repository is created after migration, and the cm_yarn repository is used until the cluster is deleted and a new DataHub cluster with Cloudera Manager 7.4.2 or higher is created.

Alternatively, you can enable this feature manually using Cloudera Manager.